Leica iCON Grade iGD4SP DUAL MAST 

DIGD4.jpgo you need increased productivity on your grading job? Now it’s easy to achieve!

Contact us at jferrara@haagtrammell.com for more info or to setup a demo. 

By using the new Leica iCON iGD4SP solution for dozers equipped with 6 way blades (PAT), you’ll get maximum speed, precision and flexibility. Run your dozer to the extent of its capabilities while constantly maintaining grade. Exact calculation of blade tilt and angle allows you to move dirt from pass to pass precisely where you want and you’ll finish your jobs quicker with less rework.

With the iGD4SP dual antenna solution you'll be able to get even more out of your dozer's 6 way blade. Now you can also use the dozer for fine grading applications and final trim, similar to how you'd use your motorgrader. Fewer machines on-site mean lower transportation costs and also less wear and tear on other machines. You'll save time and keep costs down. iGD4SP allows operators to run dozers at full speed with maximum accuracy. That means faster results with more profits.


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