Topcon TP-L4AV Pipe Laser



Product Brochure: TPL4Series Brochure New.pdf

Topcon's TP-L4AV has all of the advanced features of Topcon's TP-L4GV in a bright, perfectly round red beam.

TP-L4AV features include: 

  • SmartGrade® for super-fast, precise grade alignment.  
  • Industry's brightest LED line pivot locator.  
  • Bright, easy-to-read rear display.
  • World's Best long-range spot quality.
  • RC-200 radio remote for complete control of all TP-L4AV functions from up to 660 feet away.
  • All metal, waterproof housing so you know it'll survive even under the toughest conditions.

The TP-L4AV has SmartLine® for fast, simple alignment. Just set the target at the far end of the last section of pipe and push the alignment button on the RC-200 remote. The beam automatically centers on the target for perfect alignment every time.

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