Sokkia LDT520 Laser Digital Theodolite

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Click here for LDT520 Laser Digital Theodolite: NR_LDT520.pdf & LDT520.pdf

Sokkia's LDT520, a 5” digital theodolite equipped with a telescope with laser beam emission capability, boasts the world’s longest laser range, class-topping dust and water protection,and a continuous operation time over 2.5 times that of its predecessor. The LDT520 is designed for directional controls in tunnel excavation, precise marking and alignment in construction and engineering applications.


Major Improvements of Sokkia's LDT520 Laser Digital Theodolite
   - A 600-meter laser range, the World's longest laser range as of October 2008
   - Dust and water protection of IP66; the top of its class
   - Equipped with the market-proven advanced encoders for the highest reliability
      and lower power consumption
   - Longer battery life
   - Operable in tighter spacesLDT520 Image.jpg
   - Emits both focused and parallel beams

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