SECO Tripod #5203-10

SECO 5203-10-BLK.jpg

Premier Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Tripod

This all-fiberglass heavy-duty tripod features proven tripod design concepts. It’s ideal for all instruments, total stations, robotics, and GPS gear. It’s waterproof so longer duration setups in adverse weather conditions are no problem.
This tripod employs dual clamps for fast, stable setups. The quick clamps are made of metal with plated friction washers which also contribute to a fast setup. The proven twist-clamp design prevents slipping by binding the sliding leg.
The legs extend to 72.5 inches (1.8 m) and the round flat head features a 5/8 x 11 threaded post.
This tripod is available with black (shown) or orange hardware. Weighs 18.2 lb (8.26 kg)

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