SECO Heavy-Duty GPS Antenna Tripod


Product Options:

#5119-10-FLY : Fluorescent Yellow (Shown)  or  #5119-10-YEL : Yellow

5119-10-XXX1.jpg5119-XX_Head.jpgThe 5119-10-XXX is similar to the popular SECO 5119-00-XXX, but stronger.  This heavy-duty tripod features a 6-inch-diameter, round head which easily holds lasers or robots. 

It’s larger telescoping legs (1.25- to 1.50-inch diameters) feature adjustable handle bolts on the leg pivots which creates greater stability.  And, no tools are needed to set the leg pivot tension! 

The #5119-11-XXX has the same standard features as the #5119-10-XXX but includes precise adjusters to make centering the 10-minute vial easier.  The adjusters provide fine leg extension, a range of ± 0.25-inch from the center line.  It’s like having leveling screws for a tripod!



All models are suitable for GPS and machine-control applications.  

Weighs approx. 20 lb (9.07 kg)

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