Lufkin 1/2" x 300' Hi-Viz® Orange Fiberglass Tape, Feet & Inches Or 10ths #FE300/FE300D

Product Details
Catalog No. FE300
UPC Code 037103224118
Blade Width 1/2 in.
Blade Length 300 ft.
Blade Style C1
Case Color Orange
Blade Finish Fiberglass
Replacement Blade O1709
Packaging Peg Hook/Retail Packaging
Lineart STD Fiberglass Tape 300 ft.pdf
Low Res. Image FE300_100.jpg
High Res. Image FE300_300.jpg
Stock Item Normal Stock Item
Package Details (Dimensions)


    Product Features:

  • Open four-arm frame design protects blade, does not trap dirt in case
  • Lightweight but strong case is easy to handle and rewind
  • Two-material grip is comfortable to use
  • Hi-Viz® orange case is easy to find on the job site
  • Folding end hook for true-zero measurments
  • Feet and inches graduated to 8ths; numbered feet and instantaneous feet
  • Yellow clad fiberglass blade impervious to moisture
  • Blade style C1
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