Carlson Takeoff



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Powerful site and road estimating / data prep software that will truly work for you

Use Takeoff for Accurate Estimates

  • Calculate site cut & fill and topsoil
  • Differentiate strata volumes – rock vs. dirt
  • Accurately determine asphalt quantity needed in a variety of measurement units
  • Get precise curb work calculations
  • Estimate trenching quantities
  • Estimate roadways from cross-sections

Use Takeoff Once You Get the Bid

  • Analyze existing TOPO before you start
  • Prepare the design info for exact staking
  • Create a 3D model for machine control
  • Evaluate for quantity and quality control
  • Report volumes as you build



Takeoff 2011 Will Work For You!

BETTER Reporting -- New Direct PDF output for Cut/Fill Volume Reports, 3D Surface Models, Surface Profiles, Site Plan Views, Cross Sections.

MORE Power -- User-Defined Area Breakdowns for both Material Quantities and Cut/Fill Volumes.

MORE Compatibility -- Best in the business Cross-Section processing • PDF and TIF File Import • DGN File Import.

  • Digitize less! Get the ability to turn scanned paper plans into CAD linework.
  • Send jobs straight to Topcon MC. Exports both .tn3 (surface models) and now .ln3 (linework) files.
  • Work with “bad CAD” more easily. With more functions in Drawing Cleanup.
  • Get more info. Volume Reports now include horizontal area and max cut/fill.
  • See more. Improvements made to Cut/Fill Color Map and Contours.


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