Bags & Carry Cases

Part Number Description    
8805-00 AWOL Gear Bag - Digital Camouflage Dimensions 27 x 11 x 11 inches    
8160-02 Bag for 2-Meter Snap-Lock Rover Rod    
8095-50 Bucket Bag Heavy-Duty    
8097-00 Bucket Bag with Outside Pockets and Wire Flag Holder    
8095-00 Bucket Bag with Single Outside Pocket    
8015-01 Camcorder Battery Case    
8142-01 Data Collector Case for Large Controllers    
8240-00 Data Collector Case for Smaller Controllers    
8166-01 Direct Elevation Rod Case    
8760-00  Equipment Bag - Digital Camouflage Mid Sized     
8025-00 Flagging Dispenser    
8106-10  Gear Bag Monster     
8125-00 GIS Backpak with Antenna Bar     
8153-00 GPS Antenna Tripod Bag for #5115-00 Fixed Height Center Tripod    
8154-00 GPS Antenna Tripod Bag for #5119-00 Collapsible Height Center Staff    
8124-00 GPS Backpack with Aluminum Frame    
8162-00 GPS Rover Rod Carrying Case    
8030-00 Hand Level Case    
8843-00 Hanging Garment Bag - Digital Camouflage    
8150-00  Instrument Tripod Bag     
8102-01 Lath Bag Heavy Duty Lath Carrier     
8104-20  Lath Carrier Heavy Duty Lath Carrier with Bucket Bottom End     
8102-00  Lath Carrier     
8100-00 Lath Bag for Carrying 36 inch (91.4-cm) Laths    
8101-00 Lath Bag for Carrying 48-inch (1.2-m) Lath    
8100-20 Lath Bag Heavy Duty Rhinotek Bag for 36-inch Lath     
8101-20  Lath Bag Heavy Duty Rhinotek Bag for 48-inch Lath     
8103-20  Lath Heavy-Duty Rhinotek Lath Bag     
8083-00  Map Holster     
8814-10  Helmet Bag Military Style - Digital Camouflage     
8157-00  System Bag Padded 46-inch Length     
8157-01  System Bag Padded 58-inch Length     
8160-20  Prism Pole Hard Shell Case     
8800-00 Parachute Bag Extra Large- Digital Camouflage    
8170-00 Range Pole Protective Bag    
8240-10 Recon Case with CF Cap    
8134-00 Robotics Backpack    
8070-00 Single Prism Bag    
8125-50 Small GIS Backpack    
8730-00 Soft-Side Briefcase - Digital Camouflage    
8735-00 Soft-Side Portfolio - Digital Camouflage    
8098-10 Spray Can Holder with Pockets    
8096-00 Stake and Hub Bag Extra Long for 24-inch    
8100-10 Stake Bag Euro-Style for 1-Meter Stakes    
8151-02 Stake or Rebar bag Heavy-Duty Bag for 18-inch Stakes or Rebar    
8091-20 Stake Bag Heavy Duty Rhinotek Bag for 18-inch Stakes with Center Divider     
8092-20  Stake Bag Heavy Duty Rhinotek Bag for 24-inch Stakes     
8096-20  Stake Bag Heavy Duty Rhinotek Bag for 24-inch Stakes with Center Divider     
8090-00  Stake Bag     
8092-00  Stake Bag for 24-inch Stakes     
8804-20  Standard Gear Pack - Digital Camouflage     
8801-00 Standard Parachute Bag - Digital Camouflage    
8098-00 Spray Can Holder Standard    
8091-00 Stakes and Hubs Bag Standard    
8082-00 Super Jumbo Padded Bag    
8154-11 Super-Duty Tripod Bag for All Major Brands    
8106-00 Surveyors Gear Bag    
8106-20 Surveyors Gear Bag with Rhinotek Reinforced Bottom    
8046-30 Surveyor's Tool Pouch with Belt    
8130-00 Tall Triple Prism Bag    
8081-00  Triple Prism Bag Jumbo     
8046-20 Tool Puch Construction Style with Rhinotek Lining    
8121-00 Total Station Field Case Top Loading    
8122-00 Total Station Case Front Loading with Aluminum Frame    
8120-00 Total Station Field Case Front Loading    
8123-00  Total Station Field Case with Aluminum Frame     
8120-40  Total Station or Theodolite Rucksack (Large)    
8120-30 Total Station or Theodolite Rucksack (Small)    
8080-00 Triple Prism Bag    
8071-00 Tribrach Case    
8093-00 Wire Stake Bag for Carrying 21 inch Wire Stake Flags    
8094-00 Wire Stake Bag for Carrying 30 inch Wire Stake Flags    
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