2-Meter Carbon Fiber Snap-Lock Rover Rod 5128-20

2-Meter Carbon Fiber Snap-Lock Rover Rod 5128-20
5128-20_b.jpgThe Carbon Fiber Snap Lock Rover Rod features a new one-piece design.
It's faster and more user friendly (compared to traditional two-piece, screw-together rods).
It's an ideal rod for all GPS RTK surveys.
The rod telescopes and locks at 2 meters and collapses to 1.354 meters.
Two locking systems are featured on the rod: the snap lock which guarantees no slipping and the compression lock centers the telescoping inner and maintains straightness.
It includes a 40-minute adjustable circular vial.
Carbon fiber is strong, dent resistant and has a 'zero' coefficient of expansion.  A 'GT' model is also available with a graduated (10ths/100ths) outer pole, see your dealer for details.
Weighs 1.60 lb (0.73 kg)
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